SARE Crescent Parc – No Possession Even After 6 Years

We are a group of buyers who bought flats in Crescent Parc Phase -3, Sector 92, Gurgaon in or after 2010. Constructed of phase 3 started in June 2011. Even though there was a silence in construction linked demands, after construction started there was a flood of demands in that period.

Anyone who got delayed in paying the demand even for a day was slapped with 18% interest. There were cases when some people couldn’t pay the demand for some reason within couple of months, SARE group threaten to cancel their flats.

It was difficult time for us but at the same time we also thought that these guys will be giving us our flat in time.

Since then it’s endless delay. The second-last demand letter we received in 2014 and since then we have no clue on the possession status. This has been eating our peace of mind and our budgets for last 6 years. This is becoming  clearly unbearable as even after paying huge EMIs and rent for the flats where we live, we cannot live in our own flat.

Every time we call to the customer care, they tell us a date of 6 months later. When we call at that time, they again postpone the same for another 6 months. We called up them recently and they told us that they will be able to tell us some news about possession in 2016 end. Now this doesn’t make sense. There is no definite date. They will tell us yet another date only in 2016 end which may get postponed again.

Senior management from SARE doesn’t give us any assurance about the possession. Some of us went to the site recently and got to know that SARE is not doing any construction activity on the site since last 6 months. Labourers who were working at that time left because of non-payment of their dues.

Current Condition of one of the phase 3 flats

Current Construction Activity (no activity)


People in phase 1 and 2 have got possession but are facing tremendous issues because of lack of essential facilities in the society. They have been trying to attract the attention of the builder but for no avail.

Situation of current residents in Crecent Parc – Phase 1 an

Note: This post was sent to appropriate authorities in August, 2016 for their perusal.

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6 Replies to “SARE Crescent Parc – No Possession Even After 6 Years”

  1. Having booked the flat in March 2011 in SARE phase 3, possession still looks like a distant dream even after 6 years of waiting. With 95% of our money sitting with SARE , they hardly care about the delay even after repeated followups with their CEO and the management team. Home buyers should think hundred times before investing into any of the SARE projects.

  2. Think 10 times before buying the new phase in Sare. Poor quality, poor delivery, poor management practices and poor ethics.
    They claim that they are FDI funded but they are always in cash crunch. For years the work was totally stalled since they had no money. Still they keep launching new projects and spending money on Advertisements.
    They are taking the dirty business to a whole new level.
    Clearly the F in FDI meant Fraud… we just didn’t understand.

  3. I have booked the flat in spring view heights,Ghaziabad in 2013-14 and still possession is pending .I went 100 times to the site and CRM office regarding this but no body is replying me when i will get my home.This is completely not acceptable.

    Is anybody facing the same problem.

  4. Sare Homes Sector 92, isn’t good society because Sare is taking maintenance charge but it’s not maintaining. Prepaid electricity meeter is there but more than 25 lakh bill pending against Sare.

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